A Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation For Couples Or Families

By Lake Erie Walleye Charters

The best way to enjoy a Caribbean yacht charter would undoubtedly be in the middle of the placid sea with your loved one(s), on a charter provided by a Caribbean yacht charter company. Cruises on the Caribbean won’t be as costly as one in the European countries, and most would say it is worth much more for its value. A Caribbean Yacht Charter would be a worthwhile investment for your family vacation. You don’t have to shell out a humungous sum, the dollar exchange rates are good, and the costs are really quite affordable in the islands. A rather comparatively affordable sum could give you a moderately lavish week on a chartered yacht in the West Atlantic surf and beaches.

With a Caribbean Yacht charter, you could have your own little floating drop of heaven, with a trained captain, crew and chef; soaking up the sun and enjoying the privacy of being served like a king in the middle of the clear turquoise seas and white fine sands. Most people with chartered yachts prefer to go island hopping; having breakfast at one island and dinner seasoned with Reggae beats to soak in the moonlight on another. All the while, your private naval carriage would be anchored and waiting for receiving you. The fact that a Caribbean yacht charter is so comparatively affordable than their cousins in the seas of Mediterranean or Dubai is going to give you the blue-blooded rush on a red-blooded cost.


The best part of a Caribbean yacht charter is undoubtedly the service of the crew. The captain and the deck crew are quite efficient in their service of providing you with all the luxuries you want on your own yacht; while the cooks provide you with authentic cuisine with colorful Caribbean flavors for the most discriminating of tastes. Overall, it’s quite a professional set up to give you a dream vacation.

There are many things you can do on your private Caribbean yacht charter. From scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing, to deeper dives for exploring the nearby coral reefs and undersea caves; one never knows which buccaneer scuttled his treasure-filled vessel close by! The Caribbean was, after all, once a pirate port. There are many uninhabited islands you could lay anchor on and enjoy a long sunset walk on the soft grainy sand; as well as sounds and sights of awe-striking beauty at party zones scattered all over. From the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands to the Windward and Leeward Islands; it’s all for your exploration of the untouched serene beauty of the western Atlantic aboard your Caribbean yacht charter.