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Braided Fly Fish - Kami SwingleBraided – Women. Fly Fish. Community.

I’ve long said that if there is one thing that I most want to see more of in the fly fishing community, it’s women anglers. And while the number of women getting involved in fly fishing is growing, I believe it could be so much better with the right marketing, and the right people to be the voice for female anglers.

There are many women, and companies, out there doing an amazing job with attracting more women to fly fishing. And that is great, but there is a long way to go I believe.

Today, I want to introduce you to Braided. It’s a community focused on women and the sport of fly fishing. Braided is the work of Kami Swingle, a Durango, CO angler and adventurer.

“We are a community of women coming together to learn, travel, and fish together. We seek to explore wild places, especially those places that involve water and fly fishing. We believe that caring about our water resources requires caring for our water resources. We connect with a global industry and network of friends, while maintaining a local focus. We offer a place where women can come as they are – no matter if they are a novice or experienced angler. We encourage and challenge one another without pretense and competition; where personal connections, grace, and joy ultimately matter more.”

Braided currently has 2 chapters, one in the Southwest and one in Northeast, and looks to have a pretty active events calendar, along with an active blog.

Groups like Braided are so important to help build community and involvement, both locally and nationally, in fly fishing and outdoor recreation. I always enjoy seeing these groups thrive, and love to help spread the word when I can. I hope you’ll check them out and do the same.

Check out the Braided website, and also check them out across socials at both Facebook and Instagram.

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