Fly Tying: Egan’s Frenchie

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Egan’s Frenchie better be in your fly box.

There are a couple of simply nymph patterns that you should always have in your fly box. One of those is Egan’s Frenchie.

It’s dead simple to tie, and it’s deadly effective for getting subsurface and picking off trout. Tie it just as Egan does, or mix it up a little and vary the colors to match what’s going down on your local waters. Either way, have this pattern in your fly box in a few different sizes.

If I’m throwing nymphs, I can almost assure you that it will be this pattern, or a simple pheasant tail nymph on the end of my tippet.

Some tips: I find pink and a burnt/flouro orange to work best on the hot spot color. For the body, I always use natural colored pheasant tail and I often switch the tail material between pheasant tail and coq de leon. I typically tie these on a scud or klinkhamer style hook but I think most any style works pretty well.

How about you? Is the Frenchie a pattern you’ve had success with? Drop me a comment below and let me know about it.


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