Fly Cinema: The West is Calling S1:E1 – Runoff

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The West Is Calling: Season 1, Episode 1 – Runoff

The West Is Calling is a new mini web series from Dead Drift Fly Fishing Co. highlighting fly fishing as a vehicle to explore the unending landscape of the American West.

This first episode (previously called The Big Dirty) was previously featured here on the blog. They’ve since updated the look, and the series, so I’m posting again, even though these episodes have been out there for a few months.

As sure as the snow falls in the Rockies every winter, it melts every spring. Runoff can certainly impact our ability to fish, and sometimes closing your eyes and waiting until it’s over seems like the best option. However, instead of resorting to non-fishing activities, we decided to set out and explore some runoff fishing options – and this season had a little bit of everything: deep canyons, salmonflies, meadow streams, alpine creeks, wind, cutties, browns, dry flies, and big streamers.

Check out more fly cinema goodness from Freeflow Motionworks on their Vimeo channel.

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