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Choosing the correct strike indicator for nymph fishing.

I still suck at nymph fishing. And while I have made improvements, I still have a ton to learn. One of the areas I need improvement in is strike indicators. What size, what type and when to use it.

This video from Reds Fly is a great primer on choosing the correct strike indicator:

I’ve kept my indicator fishing really simple, using only the Thingamabobber in small sizes. When starting out with nymphing, my goal was to learn the basics, so I didn’t want to immediately begin changing indicators, or leader lengths or create other variables.

Now that Fall is rolling around, I’m going to be experimenting with some other techniques, including yarn indicators.

The video above greatly helped me understand the differences in indicator choices out there. Again, I’ve kept it really simple up this point, but I’m ready to start working with others to try and improve my nymph fishing.

What works for you? Do you have a go-to strike indicator? Drop me a comment below with any tips you might have for improving nymph fishing with an indicator.

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