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Getting the skinny on delayed harvest.

I just caught a great piece over on the Blue Ridge Outdoors blog, called Delayed Harvest 101.

Delayed Harvest 101 - What delayed harvest really is

If you’re new to fly fishing, or not quite sure what delayed harvest is, this is an article you need to check out.

In my neck of the woods, delayed harvest is a great time of year. It’s a time when the bait fisherman are all but non-existent, and it’s a time when the weather is perfect for hitting the stream. Here in South Carolina, DL runs from November 1st through May 14th on the managed trout streams.

As Summer winds down, and streams cool off, the DL period is some of the best fly fishing you’ll have all year. Here in SC, stocking is limited during this time, but in other parts of the country, stocking is actually ramped up during this period. That makes for plenty of fish to be sought.

It’s also a great time to try out various fly patterns or casting techniques. Because of the weather, our DL period is a time when trout are most active. Since the DL period is 100% catch and release, those active fish are plentiful, and are often opportunistic for meals.

The delayed harvest period is certainly a time I look forward to. It means the brutal summer is over, and it’s time to pull out the layers–and waders– and get out there. It’s the best fishing you’ll find in these parts all year, especially the November to February months.


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