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The fly fishing industry is doing pretty well.

I just read a post over at Midcurrent talking about the new (or expanding) exhibitors coming into the 2017 fly fishing shows.

2017 Fly Fishing Show Exhibitors

For all of the talk about how small the fly fishing industry is, it sure is thriving well. It’s a small industry, no doubt, but it’s getting bigger and it’s starting to segment out into areas that few might have realized. Aside from the major players in the industry, the amount of small business growth is amazing, and I hope it continues.

I’ve always tried to support small fly fishing businesses where I could, and I hope you’re doing the same. There are some absolutely amazing rod builders, fly tyers and clothing makers out there right now, and they need our support to keep that going.

Those trying to make it in this industry know the hard work it takes. Like any other industry, work your ass off and it will pay off. As 2017 draws near, I think we’re seeing the payoffs by way of cool new products, awesome people and new anglers coming into the sport.

As the 2017 fly fishing show circuit rolls around, I hope you’ll make it out to your nearest one and support it and the companies that make it possible. I’ll be in Atlanta in February to do just that.

Cory Perry
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