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FrankenFly releases new FrankenDub dubbing blends.

The guys over at FrankenFly recently announced a brand new dubbing, called FrankenDub. It’s available in 3 different types for a range of tying uses. Looks like great stuff, check it out.

FrankenDub Types

FrankenDub is available in 3 different types of fit pretty much any tying fetish you might have:

Monster FrankenDub may just be the perfect streamer dubbing. Approximately 3” in length with the featured and special ingredient being Alpaca fiber, this dubbing is ideal for streamer heads, building up bodies, collars, adding tailing, etc. The natural Alpaca blends extremely well with the synthetic fibers making it very easy to work with, while the blend offers just the right amount of flash.

Nymph FrankenDub is a highly tested and researched blend of naturals and synthetics with just the right amount of sparkle. Soft and easily dubbed on small flies. Works terrific on abdomens on large trout flies. Use it on nymphs, soft hackles, wet flies, etc. It has been well tested by many of today’s top fly tiers like Al Ritt, William Anderson, Bill Shuck, and Todd Schotts.

All Purpose FrankenDub is an all purpose synthetic dubbing that can be used for many types of flies. Use it on dry flies, nymphs, emergers, poppers or any other type of fly. Colorful and easy to dub it can be that missing link you’re looking for in your flies.


I’m looking forward to getting some of the new FrankenDub blends in and tying up some flies with it. Be sure to check it out, and order some up for yourself over at J. Stockard Fly Fishing. Also, check out the FrankenFly website for other fly tying goodness.

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