The Spotlight: Crooked Creek Holler

The Spotlight - Cool fly fishing companies worth checking out

Goods and Gear for the Hunter/Angler

If you haven’t checked out Crooked Creek Holler, you’re doing it wrong. CCH is killing it with quality goods and apparel designed for hunters and anglers, right up the road from me in Asheville, NC.

Danny Reed started CCH to provide some pretty stellar stuff to hunters/anglers, and he has done quite well with it. Danny is a full time tattoo artist in Asheville, NC, but found time to start CCH and it’s kinda catching on. I started seeing CCH stuff popping up all over Instagram, and loved the look and style that Danny was producing.

You’ll find a cool assortment of shirts, hats, original artwork and other goodies on the Crooked Creek Holler website, all nicely designed.

You can also keep up with CCH news and happenings on the CCH blog, or check out CCH on Instagram, which is how I first learned about them.

I love to see small, local companies doing great things for the fly fishing community, and Crooked Creek Holler is one of those companies. Support CCH by picking up some quality goods that Danny is cranking out. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Cory Perry
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