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239 Flies | 239flies.comHand tied inshore happiness made to order.

I’ve been following Nick Davis, and checking out this work on Instagram, for a little while now. Nick is the founder of the 239 Flies, located in Florida, and specializes in flies for targeting Snook, Tarpon, Trout and Redfish on the fly.

One quick look at this flies and you can clearly see a product that is done well, looks bad ass and will trick whatever species you’re going for. Best of all, these flies are custom tied, American-made and can be customized to your liking.

239 Flies was founded in 2012 with the intent of bridging the gap between mass produced junk and your buddy who ties bad ass flies. We aim to offer everything you need to catch your inshore targets, and nothing you don’t.

Yeah, go try to find these flies at Cabela’s. You can’t, so go check out Nick and support an awesome company making bad ass flies.

Check out 239 Flies by visiting their website or checking them out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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