2016 starts with a blowout

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The first day of 2016 was a blowout.

For the first day of the new year, I decided to get a little river time in. I typically always fish on the first day of the year and I wasn’t going to let this year be an exception.

We’ve had a lot of rain over the last 2 weeks, like a fuck ton of rain. I figured the local waters would be blown out, but felt it was worth a shot anyway. Just as I figured, everything in this area is high, fast, muddy and blown out.

I hit a couple of my usual spots yesterday just to check out the conditions and maybe hook a fish or two. I found really quickly that the conditions were calling for both flies and presentations that I wasn’t prepared for. I also had limited time yesterday, which always puts a damper on really figuring out what might work to prevent the skunk.

So, I did what any other smart angler would do. I used my time to scout out new locations and get some cool photos. 

The day wasn’t a total loss, and I got to explore some new areas that will certainly be visited again when conditions are better. I ended up getting a pretty nice hike in, found a few new locations and worked on my dry/dropper casting for a little while.

I hope your 2016 started off a little better if you got out and did some fishing yesterday. If not, there’s still 364 more days to do something else.

Cory Perry
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