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The Redington Path fly fishing outfit is a solid, affordable winner.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a big fan of Redington and their gear. It’s good stuff and I have had nothing but good experiences with everything I’ve purchased from them.

I recently purchased their Path outfit and decided to give it a quick review.

The Path fly fishing outfit

Redington Path Fly Fishing OutfitAs with most outfits, the Redington Path outfit is a complete set up ready to get you on the water minus a fly to fish with.

It includes the Path series rod, a Path series reel and comes pre-spooled with backing, a Rio Mainstream series WF line and Rio leader. All of that is housed in a nice Redington rod case.

The Path outfit can be purchased in many different configurations, from an 8 foot, 4wt all the way up to a 9 foot, 9wt configuration for the salt water crowd and It’s available in 2-piece and 4-piece models.

The Path components

I purchased the 8 foot, 4wt outfit to use for small stream trout fishing. I wanted another set up that was affordable, but still had a decent fit and finish that would perform well. This outfit fits all of that, and I’m super happy with the results.

The Path rod

The Path rod is a moderate-fast action rod that casts really well. With my style of casting, moderate-fast action has always suited me better and the Path rod feels really good. For an outfit in this price range, I think the Path rod is nicely done. It’s built well, it’s extremely lightweight and it casts great.

The Path reel

The Path reel is a large arbor, diecast aluminum reel that is also nicely done. Like the rod, affordability was the main goal here and I think Redington has done well in this area too. This is a step up from their Crosswater series and the move to all aluminum is nice!

The reel in this outfit comes pre-spooled with the Rio Mainstream WF line. I’ve said many times that for the money, you cannot beat the Mainstream WF line from Rio. I’ve used the Mainstream series of lines for several years and it’s a perfect line for an outfit in this price range and performance level.

The performance

I’ve fished this outfit several times over the last few weeks and I recently took it on vacation with me and fished it every morning on a small pond for bluegills and bream. The 4wt is just about perfect for both small stream trout and also for slinging around on small pond action.

It casts well and the action is really nice, especially for my casting style. For outfit in this price and performance range, I’m actually surprised and how lightweight this set up is. It feels really good.

The verdict

If you mainly fish small streams or ponds like I do and are looking for a nice, affordable outfit to use, the Redington Path outfit is an absolute winner.

It’s a solid outfit that is perfect for a beginning angler or someone that just wants a nice, affordable¬†set up to fish with. Check them out over at AvidMax, where you can get a great deal on an outfit right now.

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