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3 hopper patterns that you should most certainly have in your fly box.

Summer means it’s hot and hot weather means it’s time to sling some hopper patterns on your favorite water of choice.

Down South, in my neck of the woods, hopper patterns are the go-to bug for those extremely warm days on the river. They can usually be fished all day long, and they usually always produce fish when presented right.

Here are 3 hopper patterns that you should probably have in your fly box the next time you try tricking your favorite species.

The Charlie Boy Hopper

The infamous CBH. It’s a little more difficult to tie, but worth the effort. Grasshopper imitations produce fish, plain and simple. I tie these in darker browns and greens, and simple solid black works quite well also. For smaller versions, I stick to comparadun hair for the wings, with bigger sizes getting natural or bleached elk hair.

The AZ Mini Hopper

Without a doubt, the AZ Mini Hopper is my favorite fly. Easy to tie up and quite deadly to boot. Vary the foam color and leg colors to match your area. I tie these in several sizes ranging from 10-16 and all seem to produce. I also tend to leave the wing quite long on this one and it seems to produce better.

The Rubber Leg Beetle

This is honestly one of the easiest bugs to tie, but it works no matter where you fish it. I like to place a small indicator on the top of the head/back for visibility, and I usually use another small piece of foam for it. I almost always use peacock herl for the body on this fly, but a few different dubbings work well also.


There ya go, 3 hopper patterns that you should be tying. Any other hopper patterns that you like? Drop me a comment below!

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