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Fish for Garbage are advocates for clean rivers. Join the cause.

Fish for Garbage

I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a brand new non-profit that recently hit the scene. If you haven’t heard of Fish for Garbage, check these guys out.

These guys are so new, they don’t even officially have their website launched yet. But, that shouldn’t stop anyone and it hasn’t stopped them from doing something awesome.

Brad Greeno, Resident of Taylorsville, UT and Matt Maxwell, resident of Saratoga Springs, UT are in the early stages of forming a new non­profit organization, Fish  for Garbage, Inc. (aka FFG). This new non­profit organization will focus on sponsoring annual river  clean­ups, first targeting the Lower Provo River, then expanding to a nationwide effort. FFG will promote awareness of “cleaning up the river as you fish” and promote initiatives and resources to  promote litter prevention. 

I am all for conservation efforts, especially in the areas of stream cleanup and habitat improvement. FFG is an organization that I’m happy to highlight here to help the cause. I hope you’ll do the same by supporting these guys where you can. Head over and check out some of their promotional materials and show these guys some support.

FFG just had their first official event on May 2nd, with a cleanup on the Lower Provo River. You can check out results of that cleanup, as well as other FFG related goodness over on their Instagram – Fish for Garbage.

For more info on Fish for Garbage, including contact info and upcoming event info, keep an eye on their website at

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