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If you’ve been around the fly tying scene much in the past few months, then you’ve no doubt seen all those cool little bug collars gracing some of the fly patterns out there lately.

Those bug collars are a product from Bozeman Fly Goods, the same guys behind the Bozeman Reel Company.

Bozeman Fly Goods - Fly Tying Bug Collars

When I first started hearing about these collars, and seeing them pop up around the web, I was totally digging them. It’s a great idea and something cool to personalize your flies with. The guys at Bozeman Fly Goods have delivered the goods on this one, for sure.

“Fully machined brass beads to enhance your fly tying experience.”

Their bug collar product offering is really great and features several different styles to match your flies and match the hatches. Check out their shopping page for a complete rundown on what collars they offer. They also offer up some decent info to help with sizing the collars, and the differences between the different finishes.

I think it’s pretty cool when a new product comes along that can totally transform an industry. I think the guys at BFG have done that with their collars product. Pick up some and give them a try, I think you’ll dig them just as much as I have.

For more info, check out, and give them a follow on Instagram while you’re at it.

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