3 simple nymph fly tying patterns

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3 simple, but deadly nymph patterns you better have in your fly box.

When it comes to tying up simple, but deadly nymph patterns, I can’t think of any 3 better to have in your fly box than the ones below. All 3 are quick and easy to tie, but absolutely deadly when it comes to catching fish.

Sure, there are other nymphs out there that might be better choices given a particular situation, but I don’t like to complicate shit, and I don’t like to spend 5 hours behind my vise to crank out a dozen of anything.

If you nymph fish, don’t leave home without these 3 flies in your box. Just don’t do it.

The Zebra Midge

The Zebra Midge is a fly that many people new to fly tying start out learning. A simple, effective pattern that can be fished in most any situation or type of water you find yourself in.

The guys at Tightline Productions can get you up to speed on tying the Zebra Midge:



The Brassie

Again, another simple pattern that is super easy to tie, and super easy to fish. The Brassie is probably the staple of simple nymph patterns and one that I never hit the stream without.

Follow along on this simple tie as the guys from Fly Fish Food show you how to tie a better brassie:



Pheasant Tail Nymph

What is there to say about the tried and trusted Pheasant Tail nymph? It’s a classic nymph pattern for a reason, and that reason is because it works. Not only does it work, but it can tied quite easily, and in several variations that makes it a killer fly.

Check out this tie from Tightline Productions and fill you a box full of these:



So there you go, 3 simple nymph patterns that should absolutely be in your fly box. 

I’ve always heard that trout do something like 80% of their feeding subsurface. Guess what that means? You need a fly that can get subsurface, and these 3 classic nymph patterns will do it.

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