The importance of a first aid kit

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A simple first aid kit may just save your life. Why risk not carrying one?

A simple first aid kit could save your life.There is absolutely no excuse for not carrying a first aid kit when you go fishing. You can never predict what may happen when you’re out on the water, but you can at least prepare for it, by carrying a simple first aid kit.

I admit that I used to never carry a first aid kit with me. Never really thought about it actually. But all of that changed one day when I was out on the water, about 3 miles from my truck, and I needed one.

I slipped on some rocks and fell down an embankment, cutting my leg pretty badly. So badly, that I had to take off my shirt and wrap it around it my leg to try and stop the bleeding long enough to get back to my truck. Luckily, I made it back to the truck and went to a local emergency care office and got it taken care of.

First aid kits don’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, you can simply make your own if you want to. I’ve made them with just basic supplies in a simple plastic container before. If you need to know what basic stuff to put in a first aid kit, check out this list from the Red Cross, it covers it well.

I carry one that I purchased at Walmart for $15 over in the camping section. It’s simple, yet provides most anything I would need for basic first aid situations that I am likely to run into while out fishing. It’s also waterproof and floats, which are added benefits given the terrain I’m usually in.

It would probably shock you, the number of people that venture out into nature without basic first aid supplies, water, etc.

I’m often fishing (or hiking) several miles off the beaten path. Other than maybe at the parking area, I rarely ever see another person the entire day. If something happens, no one is coming by and no one is around to help if you need it. Cell phones rarely work, so you basically have to rely on whatever you are carrying with you at the time.

So, maybe you’ve been meaning to get one or maybe you just haven’t really thought about it, but do yourself a favor and get a first aid kit together if you haven’t already. It’s one of those things that you hope you never need, but you’re sure as hell glad you have it when you do need it.

Be safe out there.

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