Vacation is over


All good things must come to an end, including vacations.

I’ve spent the last 10 days in a weird, satisfying funk of fishing, fly tying, swimming, hitting the lake and enjoying family time. It’s over now, and I think I’m actually pretty happy about that.

The week of the July 4th holiday is usually always reserved for a little vacation time for me. This time around however, we didn’t go anywhere and we didn’t really plan to do anything. Most years, we’re at the beach or in the mountains, but not this time. Refreshing actually, just to hang out and not really have a plan or schedule to be on.

Family time

I spent a majority of the time with the wife and little one. Our little girl is almost 14 months old now, so everyday is a new adventure in trying not to let her kill herself. Walking is getting pretty decent and she loves the water; any water. That means lots of swimming, which we did plenty of all week.

Yeah, I got skunked on the river this morning. But who cares when you come home to this??

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Fly tying

Aside from the family time, I got a good bit of fly tying in throughout the week. Nothing special, and mostly just experimenting with some new materials and patterns that I’ve had in my head for a while.

My fly tying is becoming much better, but it has a long way to go. I did however tie up several of my new favorite pattern, the AZ Mini Hopper.

The AZ Mini Hopper is easy to tie and one of the best patterns I keep in my box. @azwanderings #flyfishing

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Such a simple pattern to tie and these things float like nobody’s business.

I’m certainly on a #hopper and #terrestrial kick right now, so sitting down with a few beers and cranking out some simple foam beetles offers up plenty of good times.

I don't know, but #trout love them. #flytying #flyfishing

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Fly fishing

I also managed to get out on the river a few days, which was much needed. I spent more time scouting water than I did fishing in it, mainly because this time of year our local waters are absolutely beat to death with pressure. That means you either travel well off of the beaten path or plan on dealing with other people fishing all day right over top of you.

One of my favorite little runs before the downpour this morning. #Chauga

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As you can see, we have some nice little streams in our neck of the woods. If you’re willing to trek into the woods, you’ll find some really great places to sling a fly and get away from the world.

Brought a few nice little fish to hand, but nothing worthy of really snapping photos of. I rarely even snap photos of the fish I catch these days. Maybe its because I just enjoy the actual art of catching them much more than I care about showing people that I can do it.

Reading instead of writing

I used a good chunk of the last 10 days to sit down and do some reading instead of writing on this blog. I’ve been reading everything I can find about small stream fishing and reading trout waters. Some of it is new info, some of it is a refresher on the basics. It never hurts to sit back and study the craft, no matter what you think you already know.

All in all, I had a great 10 days of vacation. Nothing spectacular, just relaxing and enjoying some time from work. I could get used to the no planed trips kind of vacations. For now though, I’m kinda glad to get back on my routine and get back in the flow. Expect some more regular posts here on the blog as I get back to the grind.

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