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An industry leader in quality flies, fly tying materials and accessories.

Montana Fly Company LogoSince 1998, the Montana Fly Company have been making a name for themselves with creative and innovative flies, fly tying materials and angling accessories. Montana Fly Company supplies their products to fly shops and retailers all around the world. While they do not sell directly to the public, you can find their products in most fly shops and online retailers.

I had always heard (and read) good things about MFC, so when I started fly tying, I decided to give some of their stuff a try. When it comes to price and quality of materials, I think MFC ranks right up there in the top few that consistently put out a great product.

I’ve been using several of their products lately in my own fly tying and I’ve been impressed with the quality of their products. MFC offers a huge line of fly tying materials to cover most any need you would have. Their bulk packs of CDC and their rubber legs are two of my favorite items. I’ve also been playing around with their Wabbit Dubbing and it’s pretty stellar as well.

If you don’t tie your own flies, no worries. They also provide quite an assortment of cool finished flies if you’re not the tie em’ up yourself type. Add to that the other cool accessories and whatnot from MFC and you can see why these have been doing it right since 1998.

Check out the Montana Fly Company website or hit them up all across social media via their Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter account.

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