Fly Cinema: Our Two Hands

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The guys at Bloodknots are working on a pretty stellar project film called Our Two Hands. 

The state of Salmon and Steelhead is in turmoil; a sign of the times. Natural resources pushed to the brink with local communities struggling to find common ground on the future of the river ecosystems. “Our Two Hands” is an investigation into our society’s complex and intimate relationship with fly fishing for Salmonids. How did we arrive at this crossroads of conservation and sportsmanship and what are the creative alternatives to the currently flawed management practices for Salmon and Steelhead?

They’ve also got a Kickstarter campaign going on in order to get this project funded. Might be worth chipping in if you like what you see and dig what this project is all about.

Check out the trailer:


For more info, check out the Bloodknots website.

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