First Look: Superfly Complete Fly Fishing Kit

A complete kit designed to get new anglers on the water.

Superfly Complete Fly Fishing Kit

Superfly recently announced their brand new complete fly fishing kit, designed to be the most complete and affordable way to get new people into fly fishing.

According to Superfly:

Knowing that fly fishing is the fastest growing category in fishing, we were inspired to create the new Complete Fly Fishing Kit – our convenient all-in-one fly fishing combo that makes it easy to go ‘from store to shore’. This 12-piece kit includes everything a beginner needs to get started and the components were designed with the avid angler in mind making it a great choice for everyone to connect.”

Superfly Complete Fly Fishing KitWhat’s Included

  • Quality graphite fly rod
    • 8’6”, 5/6 weight, 4-piece rod
  • Large Arbor Reel
    • Pre-loaded with backing, Superfly Performance line and leader
  • Rod Sock
  • Fly Box with six proven fly patterns:
    • Adams (dry fly)
    • Elk Hair Caddis (dry fly)
    • Copper John (nymph)
    • San Juan Worm (nymph)
    • Muddler Minnow (streamer)
    • Wooly Bugger (streamer)
  • Instructional DVD : Learn the basics of fly fishing
  • Superfly Hat

It’s a simple, complete setup designed to be extremely versatile. The included DVD covers all of the basics of fly fishing, from casting techniques to choosing the right fly, this program will help give newcomers to the sport a great start. This looks to be a great kit, with very respectable quality, for any beginning angler looking to get into fly fishing.

I applaud any company that tries to take the confusion, guesswork and high barrier of entry out of getting into a sport or hobby. Kits like these are obviously designed to meet those needs, and I hope it does just that for new anglers. I’ve always read mixed reviews on products from Superfly, but this kit looks extremely promising.

I have not seen details on pricing or release date yet, but if this kit is priced right, it could certainly be a great transition into the sport for new anglers. I’ll update with more details as I see them.

You can check out the kit on the Superfly website. While you’re there, be sure to search for a local dealer in your area that carries Superfly products.

*Images courtesy of Superfly.

Cory Perry
I'm a husband, father and fly fishing geek living in Greenville, SC. I'm down with slinging flies, tying flies and spending every minute I can enjoying the vast outdoors with my family and friends.

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  1. Matthew A Jordan says:

    Just purchased this online for 10 bucks that’s right ten dollars im a avid fly fisherman my last outfit was worth 400 due to bad circumstances lost it and in a place I can’t afford something like that right now. Very pleased I will be able to get back on the water for so cheap. Ill update on how the product works

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