EPA set to impose limits on Pebble Mine project

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Interesting story from The Washington Post today that is worth checking out. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be issuing a proposal today that would place limits on the mining activity in Alaska’s Bristol Bay area, as part of the Pebble Mine project.

The proposed determination, which will now be subject to a public comment period, represents the latest step by the Obama administration to impose restrictions on a massive gold and copper mining project, called Pebble Mine.

You can read up on the full article from The Washington Post here.

Tim Bristol, who directs Trout Unlimited’s Alaska program, praised the agency’s move.

“Thousands of Alaskans requested that the EPA review threats to the Bristol Bay fishery from the proposed Pebble Mine, and hoped they would recommend strong protections for Bristol Bay salmon and jobs as they have,” Bristol wrote in an e-mail. “Far from a preemptive veto, the EPA’s actions simply place an understandably high standard for any mining company wishing to apply for permits in Bristol Bay. These restrictions will ensure that no unacceptable adverse impacts will occur from mining development in Bristol Bay; the very standard that has been the law of the land for over 40 years.”

As usual, the fight continues on the subject of the Pebble Mine project. It’s been a hotly contested project within the fly fishing community, as well as other communities, as it continues to gain both supporters and proponents.

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