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Professional guide quality fly boxes that you’ll love.

Umpqua UPG Series Fly BoxesI’ll start this post by saying that I don’t think any fly box will ever be better than the traditional Altoids tin can. But, if you are looking for guide quality fly boxes that are built to perform, you’ll probably want to check out the UPG fly boxes from Umpqua.

Umpqua set out to deliver a line of fly boxes that could withstand the daily abuse of professional guides and they’ve done that with the UPG line. These fly boxes are solid, durable and built to last. Add to that several different sizes and configurations to fit your needs and you quickly see that the UPG line of fly boxes is a winner.


Umpqua really thought out their line of UPG fly boxes and it shows. Each box is designed with a specific use in mind so the size, profile and configuration differ based on the model.

While the models may differ in size and configuration, a few things are consistent across every UPG fly box. First, the see-through lids, which is absolutely useful. Next, the Zerust corrosion protection hinges, designed to eliminate rusted hooks. Finally, all of the UPG fly boxes are weatherproof (almost).

I say almost because these boxes are not 100% waterproof. But, they are pretty damn close and under normal circumstances, you’ll likely never have an issue with water getting in the box.


The Umpqua UPG fly boxes are available in several different sizes and configurations based on your application. Primarily, you’ll likely be interested in the Small, Medium and Large boxes to quickly cover your general fly box needs.¬†For specific applications, Umpqua designed several other boxes to fit the bill.

The UPG Midge box is specifically designed for your small midge patterns. If you’re a streamer pattern kind of guy, you’ll certainly want to check out the UPG Streamer box, designed just for you.

For dry flies, look no further than the UPG Magnum Dry box. Finally, Umpqua rounds out the UPG line with the Daytripper UPG box, the Weekender UPG box and the Double Wide UPG box.

Check Them Out

Umpqua UPG Fly Boxes - Small, Medium, LargeIf you’re looking for some durable, quality fly boxes then certainly check out the UPG line of boxes from Umpqua. I think you’ll be super happy with the quality and versatility of the entire line. These fly boxes have won several awards and are praised by many for good reason.

They are a little pricey compared to other options out there, but you’ll be glad you spent the extra coin on a better quality fly box.

Check these out at your local fly shop or find them online and pick up a few.

Have you used or do you currently use the UPG fly boxes? What are your thoughts on them? Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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