An update about nothing

I’ve been slipping on the old blog here. I’ve been way too busy and have spent way too much time catching up on stuff that needed to be done.

I haven’t tied a fly in a couple of weeks. Instead, the awesome weather has spawned some major yard work and some much needed work around the house.

As you may know, my wife and I are wedding photographers as a side gig. It’s wedding season in the South, and that usually means 10-12 hour Saturday’s, pretty much every Saturday. Shooting weddings are fun and they help support our extracurricular activities, but fuck are they a lot of work.

Add to that our little girl turning 1 year old last Saturday. Good times, birthday party, cookout, it all adds up to completely drain any fishing time.

Luckily, the next few weeks are a little easier and I plan on getting back to fishing, tying and blogging about it all. Hopefully you’ve been able to get out there and enjoy some local waters lately. I sure as hell know I miss it and can’t wait to get back.

Cory Perry
I'm a husband, father and fly fishing geek living in Greenville, SC. I'm down with slinging flies, tying flies and spending every minute I can enjoying the vast outdoors with my family and friends.

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