Local Report: My continuing battle with the Eastatoee

Some rivers will just continue to haunt you, no matter how hard you try.

Do you have that one river that no matter what you do, what you try or how often you fish it, it just never seems to produce? I have it, and it’s called Eastatoee Creek.

I picked the wrong day to go fishing but the #Eastatoee was flowing nicely! #flyfishing

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I’ve fished the Eastatoee probably 50 times in my short fly fishing career, yet no matter what I do, or try, it continues to haunt me. I really want to love this little beautiful river, but it makes it so hard to.

I decided a while back that I wouldn’t let it get me. I was determined to pull at least one fish from the flows, and redeem my confidence that I am, in fact, able to catch fish on a fly rod. It saddens me to report that once again, in spite of a valiant effort, the Eastatoee has won another round.

I arrived early yesterday, knowing that I had to beat everyone to the river if I wanted to actually fish. Luckily, my eagerness to get going at 5:30am paid off, but not for long. Within an hour on the water, there were people swarming the river banks and it got pretty crowded, pretty quick. No other fly guys that I saw, just the typical spin fishermen tossing rooster tails. But they were catching fish, something that I have not been able to do on this river.

Another view of the beautiful #Eastatoee run I was in yesterday. #flyfishing

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I saw zero signs of a hatch yesterday. Dry flies didn’t work, my customary hopper patterns produced a big doughnut and even the woolly bugger produced a big ol’ goose egg. When that happens, it’s time to cut your losses and head for the homestead.

So, once again Eastatoee Creek has won. It’s not over and I will be back to redeem myself, no matter what it takes.

Despite the skunking, just getting out and walking the banks is rather glorious in itself. We have some of beautiful waters here in South Carolina and I am always humbled just get out and enjoy them, even when I catch nothing. Besides, catching fish is just an added reward for being able to get out there in the first place.


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