Vacuuming the river seems plausible

Most rivers are fairly dirty, maybe we can vacuum them?

Just finished up an interesting piece over on The Verge talking about how James Dyson, the creator of Dyson Vacuums, wants to build a giant floating vacuum to clean up rivers.

The Dyson M.V. Recyclone

It’s a concept that seems plausible, but I’d be curious if the costs of such a project would simply be too much. The research, development and testing would be very expensive, but the benefits could certainly outweigh the costs if the project were perfected.

Dyson has named his project the M.V. Recyclone, and envisions a suction system that would intake the trash and debris and eventually sort it by type of plastic or trash. Certainly a cool looking project and one that could be very beneficial.

Clearly this would only be workable on rivers large enough to support such a barge system, but the concept is pretty interesting. Check out the article over on The Verge.

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Image courtesy of Fast Company.


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