Review: AZ Synthetic Dubbing

I’m all about finding good deals and trying out new stuff when I get the chance. I recently came across a cool deal on dubbing from Jason, over at AZ by the Fly.

$25 for a 46-color dubbing kit?? Sign me up.

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I don’t think there really is a name for Jason’s dubbing, per se, so I simply call it AZ Synthetic Dubbing. If you get a kit from him, you’ll probably also call it awesome, because it is pretty awesome.

What’s in the kit

Basically, you get 46 individually bagged and labeled colors of dubbing. Since it is 46 colors, obviously you’re getting quite a color spectrum and you’re also getting quite a bit of dubbing, as each bag is packed with a nice little chunk of dubbing. Jason says each bag is around 2.6 to 2.8 grams of dubbing.

The type of dubbing you’re getting

Jason describes the dubbing as synthetic, medium length and medium-coarse dubbing. That is pretty spot on.

This dubbing is also on the flashy side, with some nice sparkle/shimmer to it, unlike your typical superfine or fine dry fly dubbing. I would say it compares it a little more to the Hareline Ice Dubbing as far looks and feel. Jason compares it to the SST and Trilobal dubbings.

The colors

This kit contains all of the typical standard colors you’ll find in most dubbing, along with a few other cool colors.

AZ Synthetic Dubbing

My thoughts on the kit

Overall, for $25, you simply can’t go wrong with this dubbing kit. Here a few things worth noting for my particular situation…

  1. The colors: For me, I mainly tie traditional, trout dry fly patterns, so many of the colors are colors that I would never use.
  2. Kit options: It would be super cool if Jason offered different kits based on fly type or species or something like that. Possibly some color change options or something. Doing so would probably affect the value of it, but it would be cool to see if that could happen.
  3. The coarseness: For most of your typical dry flies, this dubbing might be a little too “buggy” for your tastes. I ended up taking many of the bags and blending them down in a coffee grinder to get a little more fineness to them (Jason even has the disclaimer on his site about this).

This dubbing kit is obviously designed around being a good all-around kit for different applications, which I was fully aware of before purchasing it. Still, at $25, it’s been a great addition to my material collection and I’ve had some fun experimenting with blending it down and also custom blending some colors together.

I definitely give this kit a super thumbs up! Go check it out over on Jason’s website and pick one up for yourself, I think you’ll be pretty happy with it.

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**Note** This review is my own and I was not compensated in any way to write this review. This review is based on my personal experience with the products above and reflect my own personal opinion of the products.

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