2014: The year of multiple species

I’ll fully admit that I am all about trout. It’s been the sole primary species that I have fished for ever since my foray into fly fishing was born. That hasn’t been on purpose necessarily, it’s just kind of how it has worked out.

South Carolina is riddled with some of most beautiful trout streams around and every chance to get out on one is not to be missed. Chasing trout is truly a passion for me but so is just fishing in general. I haven’t snubbed other opportunities on purpose, those other opportunities just didn’t hold the same weight as hitting my favorite trout stream.

2014 will be the year that I fly fish for multiple species.

I know that I have deprived myself of the awesomeness of catching other species on the fly rod. In 2014, I plan to change that. 

2014 will see trips out for bluegill and bass because those are the other main species that are seriously abundant in my area. On top of that, those species are lurking really close to my house which means I should be able to chase them pretty often. After seeing the awesome rise of the #yearofthebluegill last year, I knew that I needed to step up my game and start chasing them. Bluegill (and bass) are seriously fun to catch and doing it on a fly rod should be even more awesome.

So this post is my notice that in 2014, I’m branching out and expanding my fly fishing efforts. I’m looking forward to the challenge and adventure. Dispatches to follow.

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If you have tips for chasing bluegill or bass on the fly rod, I’d love to hear them. Drop me a comment below!

Cory Perry
I'm a husband, father and fly fishing geek living in Greenville, SC. I'm down with slinging flies, tying flies and spending every minute I can enjoying the vast outdoors with my family and friends.

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