Yonder: The outdoors discovery app

I recently came across a cool iOS app that I’ve been playing with, called Yonder. It’s a social app that connects you to outdoor places to discover, explore and share with others.

Certainly not a new idea in terms of a mobile social app, but the fact that it focuses specifically on the outdoors is pretty interesting and one of the reasons that I decided to check it out.

The basics of Yonder

So basically, Yonder allows you to search and find new places to explore that they coin as “experiences”. You can search for these experiences based on several different criteria including location, people, tag or activity.

Your experiences can then be saved and shared across Yonder and also other popular social networks.

The idea is to find new places to check out, actually check them out and then chronicle and share your experiences with others.

Finding places to explore

Yonder is all about finding new places and there a few ways to do just that within the app.

1. You can explore your immediate surroundings by using their GPS/mapping feature to see what is near you. Cool feature, but seems pretty limited in actual data (at least for my area). Either way, it’s a good way to explore what is around you.

2. You could also search locations. As you can see below, a simple search for “State Park” returns a list of quite a few places.

3. Clicking a location within the app also allows you to explore it further and get info, such as directions, website, phone number, etc.

Yonder App Screens

Getting social with Yonder

yonder-timeline-imageAside from the actual goal of getting you outside and discovering new places, Yonder also has a cool social sharing aspect that is pretty decent. You can check out images and comments from others across the network in a feed or by searching.

Yonder is very similar to Instagram in this respect. A feed of images that are usually pretty awesome to look at and you can follow friends and other users to keep a steady stream of visual goodness going. All the basics are included here as well, such as the ability to like images and also comment on images and interact with others about various locations or experiences.

Activity tagging

Yonder - Tagging TopicsOne of the cool features of Yonder that I found useful was the ability to tag experiences by certain topic.

I think this is quite useful. Rather than having a running feed of all sorts of different stuff, you can actually only see what you want to based on activity. Again, not a new concept by any means, but one that is pretty cool and very useful in this instance.

Yonder also gives you the ability to choose any or all of these activities at any time by default. When you set up your account, you can choose these activities, but you can also change them at any time if you choose to.

Download and sign up

Yonder is a free app for iOS and is available for download in the App Store or via the Yonder website.

To create an account, you can sign up two different ways. The first is by creating an account using your existing Facebook account. The other way is to simply sign up using your email address. I hate Facebook and I hate using my Facebook account to sign up for other accounts, but it’s almost a standard with social apps these days and Yonder is no different. I chose the email address route and signed up for an account.

If you use the Facebook route, you’ll likely have much better success connecting with your other friends and family that may be using Yonder. If you don’t, finding friends and other people to follow can be a little tedious, but achievable.

The verdict (so far)

Yonder is a pretty cool app and one that I will continue to experiment with. I like the idea of it and it is a beautiful app! The user base is a little small at this point, but I have a feeling that will change in due time as more people pick it up and discover it.

Yonder has a few bugs that I have experienced so far, but I won’t mention those here since I’m still such an early adopter. I need to use the app more and make sure these are actual bugs and not just me being, well, me.

I think if Yonder can get a good user base of people using it consistently, it could be a great app. I have no idea what their user base is at this point, but it needs to be much bigger. Along with that, proper tagging and information about locations could make this app really fun and really useful for people looking to get out there and explore new areas and places.

So there you go, check out Yonder and see what you think. If you decide to give it a go, find me on Yonder under the username fisherousdotcom. I’d like to connect with others on the app and check out some places that you’re exploring.

You can learn more about Yonder and download it via the Yonder App website.

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